My very first Skyrim mod

PakL • 2020-05-25

A few months ago (back in January) I started making Skyrim mods for the great Melzii community. They are a few memes that popped up and stuck with this community in the very early streams. I combined them in one download over at NexusMods as Melzii’s Wild Ride.

It started off with spicy milk and as I learned more about scripting I added a new disease and a drink that teleports you to a random inn. The biggest part was creating the famous spicy milk mascot Leche Picante, a flaming hot skeleton friend that breaths fire on his enemies. Another community member Shrimpathy created a combat theme for him that has a chance to play whenever Leche attacks an enemy.

Download at Melzii’s Wild Ride.

Leche Picante, Spicy Milk and Gape Juice is available for Xbox, too.